Personal Dates (1968)

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Brian Jones
Charlie Watts
Bill Wyman

Mick Jagger

Real name:Michael P. Jagger
Personal points:Heigt: 5ft 10in Colour of eyes: Blue Colour of Hair: Brown
Parents' names:Joe and Eva
Brothers' and sisters' names:Chris
Hobbies:Photography, houses, horses, birds
Favourite colours:Red, blue, yellow, green, pink, black, white
Favourite food:Very highly flavoured nosh - Continental
Favourite drink:Votka and orange and lemon juice
Favourite clothes:My Father's
Favourite singers:Otis Redding, James Brown, Herman Munster, Beatles, Bill Wyman, Wilson Pickett
Favourite actor/actress:Michael Caine and Steve McQueen
Favourite bands/instrumentalist:
Favourite groups:Beatles, Who, Hank B. Marvin
Favourite composers:Lennon and McCartney, McCormick/Place, Keith, Otis Redding
Miscellaneous likes:Beans, new things, cars, dogs, finishing new records
Miscellaneous dislikes:Tomatoes, rude Americans
Film appearances:Dirty documentaries
Origin of stage name:Our heads

Keith Richards

Real name:Keith Richards
Birthplace:Dartford, Kent
Personal points:Heigt: 5ft 10in Colour of eyes: Red Colour of Hair: Brown
Parents' names:Boris and Dirt (or Doris and Bert
Brothers' and sisters' names:As far as known - none
Present home:None of your business
Where educated:Dr. Barnardo's
First public appearance as amateur:I think it was a brothel in Eltham in 1959
Biggest break in career:Meeting Bill Wyman
Biggest disappointment in career:Meeting Charly Watts
Hobbies:Biting my nails
Favourite colour:Black
Favourite food:Apples
Favourite drink:Votka
Favourite clothes:Mine
Favourite actor/actress:Harold Wilson
Miscellaneous likes:Lying on my back
Miscellaneous dislikes:Headaches, corns, pimples, gangrene
Most thrilling experience:Dying
Personal ambition:To go to Church
Origin of stage name:Some coloured chappie

Brian Jones

Real name:Brian Jones
Birthplace:Cheltenham, Glos
Personal points:Heigt: 5ft 8in Weight: 130 lbs. Colour of eyes: Greeny Grey Colour of Hair: Blonde
Parents' names:Lewis and Louisa
Brothers' and sisters' names:Sister half Morrocan named Hashish
Husband and wife's name:Husband Stew and he works at a glass furnace
Children:Dr. Barnardo's
Musical education:Copying Negro-blues records
Biggest break in career:Break with parents
Biggest influence on career:British press
Favourite colour:Brown, Green, Black, White
Favourite food:Steaks, English home cooking
Favourite drink:Ice-cold lager
Favourite clothes:Summer, light clothes; winter, olde Englishe tweed
Favourite singer:Otis Redding, Wilson Picked, Steve Winwood
Favourite groups:Spencer Davis
Favourite composers:Lennon and McCartney
Miscellaneous likes:Girls, Y-fronts

Charlie Watts

Real name:Charles Robert Watts
Personal points:Heigt: 5ft 9in Weight: 10st 3 lbs. Colour of eyes: Blue Colour of Hair: Brown
Parents' names:Charles and Lily
Brothers' and sisters' names:Linda
Husband and wife's name:Shirley
Where educated:Tylers Croft School
Former occupations before show businessCommercial artist
Hobbies:Collecting antique firearms, modelling in plaster
Favourite colours:Red, blue and black
Favourite food:Don't know
Favourite drink:Tea
Favourite clothes:Any
Favourite group:The Beatles
Favourite composers:Cole Porter, Lennon and McCartney, Duke Ellington
Miscellaneous likes:Jazz
Miscellaneous dislikes:Working
Best friend:Haven't got one
Most thrilling experience:Don't know
Tastes in music:Any sort
Personal ambition:Haven't got one
Professional ambition:Haven't got one

Bill Wyman

Real name:Bill Wyman
Personal points:Heigt: 5ft 8in Weight: 8,5 stone Colour of eyes: Green Colour of Hair: Black
Parents' names:William and Kathleen
Brothers' and sisters' names:John, Ann, Judy and Paul
Husband and wife's name:Diane
Present home:Farnborough, Kent
Where educated:Beckenham Grammar
Biggest break in career:Meeting Ian Stewart
Biggest disappointment in career:Meeting Charly Watts
Biggest influence on career:Chuck Berry
Former occupations before show businessClerical and engineering
Favourite colours:Blue
Favourite food:Cheese on toast and veal
Favourite drink:Milk
Favourite clothes:Casual
Favourite singer:Mose Allison
Favourite actor/actress:Marlon Brando, Charlie Watts
Favourite bands/instrumentalist:James Brown
Favourite group:Spencer Davis
Favourite composers:Cole Porter
Professional ambition:Be a millionaire